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First international Photo Metadata Conference

"Working towards a seamless photo workflow"
7 June 2007
Florence, Italy

The Photo Metadata Conference 2007 is over now.

Thank you all who joined the Conference, we had a great turnout of about 120 persons.
120 attendees

Visit the Programme page now and download the presentations given at the conference.

The IPTC Photo Metadata White Paper 2007 can be downloaded by this link.

We invite you to discuss further developments of the requirements and open issues which have been raised at the Conference on this IPTC moderated Yahoo forum:
(To join please apply first, then it will be approved, we simply try to keep automated spammers away.)

And bookmark this the www.phmdc.org homepage for future conferences.


Exif, IIM, XMP, IPTC Core, custom panels ? these are only a few terms from the continuously growing spectrum of metadata standards and technology that apply to photos.  Whether it?s your photos or the photos of your customers, your business depends on an accurate, smooth work flow. Metadata helps make that happen.

Photographers must describe the content properly and permanently assert their authorship. Photo agencies and aggregators must collect and normalize the metadata from different photographers, and then add their own information to allow quick pinpoint access by their customers. The publisher?s photo desk wants to easily see search results from photo databases. and the production department aims at having the photo printed or displayed at the best possible quality.

For all these steps, metadata can provide a big boost toward a seamless photo workflow. But people from the photo, news and publishing industries know that more improvements are still pending.

The Photo Metadata Conference brought together major players from the photo business: creator and users, from freelance photographers to photo editors of global news providers; prominent maintainers of photo metadata standards; and the makers of cameras and imaging software. Together, we analysed the current state of applying metadata to photos and learnt how to achieve a seamless photo workflow from the camera to the final photo that is seen by the end user. And we concluded: there is some work outstanding.

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