Sauble Falls Provincial Park Ontario

A 360 degree view of Summer at Sauble Falls in Sauble Falls Provincial Park, Ontario Canada.  A rugged paradise for hiking, kayaking and canoeing. Just south of Sauble Beach this Provincial park is a favourite for families as well.

360-degree panoramic image of Red Canyon Utah

360-degree panoramic image of Red Canyon Utah

360-degree panorama of Contorted rock layers at Hartland Quay beach, Devon, UK

Spectacular cliffs at Hartland Quay, Devon with their incredibly contorted rock layers formed by crashing waves and tides.

360° image of Bluebells in Oxfordshire woodlands, UK

Every year in spring, many areas with beech tree woodlands in Oxfordshire explode with bluebells. Here is one of the areas in 360°.

360 image of the Antonov 225 landing at Perth Airport

A composite image of the Antonov 225 landing at Perth Airport with the plane shown 7 times.

360-Panorama Exxon Building, across Radio City

1251 Sixth Avenue building (Exxon Building) across from the Radio City Music Hall.

In a winter morning, right before sunrise.  I could not believe in a city like NY could be a place empty at some time of the day.


Aerial 360º Photosphere of Philadelphia Skyline NW of City

Aerial 360º Photosphere of Philadelphia Skyline NW of City, showing PA Convention Center, City Hall, Two Liberty, Vine Street Expressway, Ben Franklin Bridge.

St. Peter’s Church Virtual Tour, Monkwearmouth, Sunderland

St Peter’s Church, Monwearmouth, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

St Peter’s Church is the parish church of Monkwearmouth in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England. It is one of three churches that make up the Parish of Monkwearmouth; the others being All Saints Church and St Andrew’s Church, Roker. 

Home of the Venerable Bede in the 7th century AD, and part of the Anglo-Saxon Wearmouth-Jarrow monastery.

Northumbrian Saints

Many Northumbrian saints are connected with St. Peter’s Church along with the Venerable Bede, namely St. Hild, Abbess of Whitby, whom Bede describes as having entered convent life “on land to the north of the Wear”, and the abbots of the twin monastery: St. Benedict Biscop, the patron saint of Sunderland, St. Ceolfrid, St. Eosterwine, St. Hwaetbehrt and St. Sigfrid, and St. Lawrence, to whom a chapel was dedicated at St. Peter’s in the time of the abbots.

In what had been a promontory clifftop overlooking the north of the harbour and estuary of the River Wear, 60 hides of land were given by King Ecgfrith for Benedict Biscop to found the monastery of St. Peter in the name of the Archbishop Theodore of Canterbury in 673 AD. This was the beginning of a new project a movement to bring learning, culture and the Christian religion to the north of Saxon Britain.

This was the monastery on whose lands the Venerable Bede was born and it was here at Wearmouth that at the age of 7 he entered the schooling of the monastery. This was the time in the dark middle ages known as the Golden Age of Northumbria, when monastic communities spread from Ireland to Iona to Lindisfarne: from Rome via Canterbury to here.


The western wall and the porch and lower tower visible today date from the foundation and still stand as part of the St.Peter’s church where the Christians worship as in earliest times.

Historic forest shower Google Panorama – historische Walddusche, Germany

The forest shower in Gleisweiler was built of sandstone blocks in 1849 as cure bath for cold water application in neighboring Hainbachtal. Later forgotten and destroyed by a landslide, it was only rediscovered in the 1990s and rebuilt.

360° view of Barcelona from rooftop

360° view from the rooftop of Hotel Universal, Barcelona in Spain on a peerless Autumn day. Barcelona is a vibrant city with unique architecture and culture. Of course, getting out on the street will give you a better feel than from a rooftop, but it gives you a sense of the place to start with.