360° stock panorama of Mopion Island

Mopion Island is a small sand island in the lower Grenadines. The quintessential desert island surrounded by turquoise sea with nothing but one thatched umbrella upon it, Mopion is also known as the Engagement Island and has featured in many couples photo albums. There have even been wedding ceremonies conducted here, The Friendship Rose schooner operating from Bequia can be chartered as part of a package. A part of the nation of St Vincent and the Grenadines it lies between Petit St Vincent and Carriacou, which is part of Grenada. It changes shape and size depending on the weather and requires a degree of caution when approaching in a dinghy. Trips can be arranged from all of the nearby islands and despite its popularity you will often have it to yourself. The surrounding reefs have good snorkelling – just remember to bring plenty of sun block!

360° stock panorama of Lower Bay Bequia

Lower Bay, Bequia is a broad sweep of golden sand and crystal clear water. Lower Bay is within the shelter of the larger Admiralty Bay and is usually calm. At the northern end, where the rocky headland separates it from Princess Margaret Beach there is good snorkelling and shade from the trees that line it. The beach is quiet on most days but is very popular on Sundays when families visit. A shallow tide pool under the trees is a draw for young children but beware the Manchineel tree, especially if it rains as the sap can cause blisters. Further south there are several beach bars and guest houses, De Reef being particularly busy on a Sunday when there is often live music.

360 degree stock photo of The Frangipani Hotel, Bequia

360 degree stock photo of The Frangipani Hotel, Bequia

A 360 degree panorama of Admiralty Bay and The Frangipani Hotel, Bequia, St Vincent and The Grenadines.

One of the early buildings on Bequia this 100 year old home on the Belmont Walkway was originally built for a ships captain but has been owned by the Mitchell family since 1898. It has been a hotel for more than forty years and is famous for its friendly hospitality. The Thursday night Jump Up is a local institution enjoyed by locals and tourists and the crews of visiting yachts. Admiralty Bay is a safe harbour and has been home to pirates, privateers and The Royal Navy and continues to attract many visiting yachts, especially for the Bequia Easter Regatta http://www.bequiaregatta.com which is the highlight of the Caribbean Regatta season for many visitors.

360 degree stock panorama of Jamesby Island, The Tobago Cays, St Vincent and the Grenadines

Jamesby Island 360-degree panorama shot in The Tobago Cays, St Vincent and The Grenadines

Located about half way between the islands of St Vincent and Grenada The Tobago Cays Marine Park, a very popular Caribbean destination for visiting yachts.  Most visitors arrive on charter yachts but day trips can be arranged from all of the larger islands popular with tourists.  SVG Air Alliance flies into Union Island where water taxis are available.

The five Cays include Petit Tabac which was used as a location for the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.  It is here that Elizabeth started a signal fire with the rum, much to Captain Jack Sparrow’s annoyance!  Visitors can swim with wild turtles grazing on the sea grass and look for large pelagics cruising the outer reef.  The Cays are uninhabited but yachts can moor overnight in this protected anchorage. Vendors in small boats hawk everything from T Shirts to fresh lobster in season.  If you plan to stay for a few days they will bring over fresh provisions from nearby Union Island.  Rangers will meet visiting yachts to take a small fee for entry and give directions for anchoring.  In this area of sensitive ecology protection and prevention of littering is of great importance.