Guide for Contributors to the Interactive 360 degree panoramas, videos & Virtual Tours section

Why contribute?


  1. You can increase the visibility of your Panoramas, 360-degree videos and VR content via our stock photo site that’s been online since 2007 and has established a solid clientele with high search engine visibility and high rankings for keywords related to panoramic photography.
  2. It is completely free – we will not charge a dime for contribution, never. Your panoramas and videos will be showcased to wide public along with your business name and contact details and no commission will be taken by us if a client contacts you directly from the site – and they can. More about it the Profile Update – Authorship Box part below.
  3. 2016 is the Year of VR and the demand for VR content has dramatically increased recently.
  4. Deloitte Global predicts that virtual reality (VR) will have its first billion dollar year in 2016. Click to see the full report here
  5. We do our best to optimize (SEO) the VR Section of our site to continuously increase the number of visitors and rankings of the VR pages in order to boost engagement and client acquisition.
    1. UPDATE 10/03/2016 – Just after a month of launching the 360° section of the site we rank on the 1st page of Google for these high commercial value keywords competing with the big stock agencies like Getty Images!:
      1. “360 stock images” – click to see the SERP in a PDF
      2. “360 stock photography” – click to see the SERP in a PDF
  6. Besides on-page SEO we will heavily advertise the VR section of WorldPanoramaStock this year.

The // part of the core site is built on WordPress running with the GEOPRESS360 template (, so if you’re already familiar with WordPress it will be easy to contribute. For those who are new to WordPress we created this detailed guide below.

Thank you for your interest and we wish our Contributors every success in their VR endeavour with us!

Tamas D.Varga


Step 1 – Registration for Panoramic Photographers & Videographers

If you plan to contribute with your 360° images and/or virtual tours, first you’ll need to register. In the bottom left corner of the site you’ll find the links for registration/login/password reminder, but here’s the registration link for easy access:


Login link: //

In case you forget your password, here’s the link:


We recommend to choose a meaningful User Name that contains your name or your business name for SEO purposes.


Registration 360 degree panoramas & Virtual Tours

A registration confirmation will be emailed to you. All you need to do is to click on the link in the email and accept the generated password or choose your password that should contain alphanumeric characters, upper and lower case letters, numbers.

Once you’re done, please click on „Reset Password” and then you can login.

As a WordPress Contributor of this multi-user site you have limited rights to manage the site content, but just enough to:

  • Update your profile with your name (business name), your website URL, social accounts URLs
  • Add / Edit your panoramas, 360° videos – virtual tours
  • Upload Featured Images to your posts &
  • Enjoy the benefits of multiple exposure of your works, find new clients and license out your panoramas



Step 2 – Profile Update


Please click on the Profile tab and edit your personal data, First, Last Name, Nickaname and choose how you want your name to be displayed publicly.


The most important part of the Profile Page is the “Molongui Authorship” section that can be found half way on the page.

You scroll down a little bit to find it and here you can upload a Profile image (in case you’re not registered with Gravatar), and you need to enter

  • Author  or Company link – actually the links to your professional photography website.
  • Company name, if you’re incorporated
  • Position
  • Bio and
  • links to your various social profiles.

WordPress Profile Update

360 degree panoramas & Virtual Tours Authorship Box


These will be added at the bottom of each of your posts in an Authorship Box, so our visitors can contact you in case they decide to license that particular panorama from you.

Since your contact info is public, no commission will be taken by us if a client contacts you directly from the site.

This Authorship Box provides significant benefits by higher click through rates, higher visibility, higher page views and by establishing authority with strong backlinks for you as a panoramic photographer.

When Google+ and Facebook profile link added the Molongui Authorship automatically adds Google Authorship verification and Facebook Authorship on Posts, ie. your Panoramas.

Important note: If you do not update the URLs to your professional website or portfolio (360cities portfolio is not allowed!) and the Biographical Info part, ie. you leave them empty, the Authorship box will not appear below your posts and we may refuse to approve your submissions.

This is how the Authorship box will look like:

Panoramic photographer authorship box




Step 3 – Adding panoramas, 360° videos and / or Virtual Tours

You can add your panoramas and 360-degree videos from various sources like Flash*/HTML5 panoramas from your site with just a link, or embed Google Streetview panoramas, Google Business Views panoramas, Google Photo Sphere & Google Views panoramas, and YouTube 360° Videos  ( * Please note that old Flash Panoramas will not display across all devices, so HTML5 is the preferred option)

With just a little extra effort and time you can give additional exposure to your existing works showcasing them on the third biggest panoramic stock photo site,

This is how to do it:

  • prepare the links, or the embed codes of your best-of-class panoramas that you think will interest future clients of WorldPanoramaStock
  • add a SEO-friendly Title that contains your focus keyword / key phrase, the one you like to rank for
  • GeoTag the panorama so that it will be displayed on the map with an image preview and a link
  • add some text – optimally 300 words – as a description to the panorama
  • assign your panorama to the “Interactive 360 degree panoramas & Virtual Tours” category 1st, but you can add a new category, too


  • create a Featured Image (cca. 1,200 – 2,000 pixels wide) and upload it – it is a must, because it will be the placeholder/preview image for the panorama modal window. Once the image is uploaded you can paste your Title to the Alt Text and Title field in the Media Manager for better image SEO.
  • if you’re familiar with the WordPress Yoast SEO you can add a Focus Keyword and edit the Snippet – if not, don’t worry we’ll check your entry anyway.


  • When you’re done you can click the “Submit for Review” button and start adding your next panorama or virtual tour.

Below you’ll find the detailed tutorials from GEOPRESS360:


Add new panorama or virtual tour


Add new panorama or virtual tour

360 degree panoramas & Virtual Tours image seo


Please note: Your submission is not published automatically, but will be checked for quality and we reserve the right to reject submissions. Google and some other stock photo agencies allow to upload panoramic images w/o Zenith and Nadir retouch. We don’t! See some extreme negative examples here and select your best shots to upload >>>



We tried to make this guide as comprehensive as possible, but in case you come to a standstill, please feel free to contact us via:

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Privacy Policy: //

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