Happy New Virtual Reality and 360-degree Video Year

Hope you had a relaxing Holiday Season and already started preparing for the VR challenges of the coming year. I am sure 2017 will bring more excitement in virtual reality and 360° video usage in marketing, advertising than before.

I do not watch ballet very often, but I was thrilled when I learned that  the Dutch National Ballet presented Night Fall, the first Virtual Reality ballet in the world. Yes, ballet in 360-degree video!

You do not need to spend much time to find out with a little bit of googling that AR/VR is steadily going mainstream and advertisers, media agencies will need more and more quality content.

Rachael Power, editor at TechForge Media has just published her predictions in virtualreality-news.net.

  • Custom VR content will become mainstream
  • It’ll be used more in healthcare
  • Systems-on-a-chip (SoC) will improve
  • We’ll see more AR being used
  • We’ll see some new hardware
  • Twitter may join in on the fun – and indeed they jumped on the bandwagon as we speak, they introduced live 360 video – more about it on their blog  >>>
  • VR will appear in more marketing imagery
  • It’ll be used as a marketing personalisation tool

No matter if you’re a beginner in 360° panorama or video creation or an experienced panographer, videographer it worth reading the following reports and white papers on the state of VR and 360-degree video:

  1. The IAB Report that analyzes Virtual Reality’s potential as an Advertising Medium by Identifying Key Strengths and Challenges. This report showcases insights from 24 top marketers, publishers, VR software experts & developer platform executives.
    Key learning: increased use of 360-degree video is singled out as critical first step in virtual reality’s growth into a mainstream marketing channel. Click here to read the report >>>
  2. All about 360 degree and VR Ads by ADVRTAS >>>
  3. Storytelling in a Virtual World – New Art of 360° Video Production by Storyhunter >>>

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We wish you a Happy New Virtual Reality and 360-degree Video Year!



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