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Nikon ‘Life in 360’ Study Finds 90% of Americans Believe Current Content Would be Better in 360

The survey indicates some impressive stats for 360-degree content potential.

Nikon Inc., a world leader in digital imaging, has released results from the Nikon Life in 360 national survey, indicating that 90% of Americans believe content they currently watch would be better viewed in fully immersive, 360-degrees, and 92% of Americans are ready to capture and share their own personal experiences using 360 cameras. The study also revealed massive potential for growth in the 360-space, as while only 25% have used a 360-camera, and less than half (49%) are at least somewhat familiar with the technology, nearly three quarters of Americans (72%) are interested in trying out a 360 camera to help share their missions in an exciting new way.

On the heels of Nikon’s entry into the 360-degree camera market with the KeyMission 360, Nikon commissioned the Nikon Life in 360 Survey to study awareness and attitudes toward emerging 360 video technology and gain insights into what Americans want to view and capture in 360.

It’s Better in 360!

Respondents were asked what content, if any, that they currently watch would be better if shot with a 360-degree camera.

An overwhelming nine out of ten (90%) Americans indicated they believe some content would be better viewed in 360, while 3 in 5 (60%) believed sports and travel content would be better with a full 360-degree view
Other responses included: live entertainment (55%), movies (39%), news programs and documentaries (31%) and television shows (30%)

See the PR Newswire article here: Nikon “Life in 360” Study Explores Americans’ Awareness and Attitudes Toward 360-Video and Virtual Reality

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