The State of VR Video in 2016 – User Experience Report


 A comprehensive report on the state of virtual reality video usage and applications by FishBowl VR


Users see promise in both immersive VR content and virtual cinema experiences, but they need to see more from video app developers before they commit to regular usage and social referrals. These improvements either need to come in the form of new features (e.g. social viewing) or overcoming technical issues that impede the user experience. More likely both.

For 2D videos there are clear advantages to viewing in a VR environment (like having a giant screen to watch on), but also significant disadvantages, including comfort limitations inherent in wearing a headset during long viewing experience, and an inability to multitask while watching. Motion sickness was cited by several testers as the main hurdle to recommending these applications: the social cost of recommending behavior that might lead to physical unease is understandably high.

One promising sign: users may be more willing to recommend VR video in particular use cases like travel, which may be a good sign for exposure to new users through programs like the in-flight VR Entertainment offering from Qantas airlines.

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